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  • Free Running 2 - Parkour
    Free Running 2 is a remarkable sequel to the popular parkour game - Free Running. Use your skills to surmount obstacles in urban city jungle and to collect items on your way!...

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  • Assault Course 2
    Assault Course 2 game is all about the glorious quest of passing the most hardening physical challenges by making the charact...

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  • Free Running 2
    Free Running 2 is a remarkable sequel to the popular parkour game - Free Running. Use your skills to surmount obstacles in ur...

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  • Parkour Master
    Run and jump as you move along in this abandoned city. Perform great tricks and run as long as you can while avoiding sharp s...

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  • Tobes Hookshot Escape
    Help Tobe escape the collapsing cave and climb as high as you can with the help of his trusty hookshot. Keep him alive while ...

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  • Parkour Game
    The game is set in a city, mostly on its side walks and rooftops of the buildings on the road side. You control a funny man w...

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  • Mirrors Edge
    The story line of this game revolves around a girl named Faith as she embarks on the journey at the high rise areas of the ci...

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  • xRunning
    Help the runner go through all the levels by passing through all the obstacles. You have to jump over cliffs, enter steep pas...

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  • iStunt 2
    Take control by helping the snowboarder rock through various death traps. The gamer must guide the snowboarder through unique...

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  • Base Jumper
    Your objective is to survive the base jump. To survive, you must open the parachute on the correct moment. If you open it too...

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  • Run Chikya Run
    Run Chikya Run is a really funny game in which you will gain control over an overweight boy who needs to run and jump over ma...

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  • FPA World 3
    Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 seems to have evolved pretty well from the rest of the installments and his adventures have act...

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  • FPA World 2
    Help Fancy Pants Man to run after the rabbit and retrieve the ice cream again. Collect points, and find doors heading to the ...

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Parkour Games & Free Running Games Online

One of the most amazing sports of modern times is, without question, parkour. A discipline which involves getting from one place to another within the shortest time limit possible, using the world around you as an obstacle is the main definition of parkour. However, if you do not desire to get hurt during this physically demanding sport, you can enjoy numerous parkour games instead. You can find some of the finest and best parkour games by clicking on the parkour and free running games above!

The Art of Movement

As far as parkour games are concerned, these are all based on the same principle. Namely, you are supposed to use the virtual world around you as your advantage, reaching the desired destination as fast as possible. This might involve climbing, sliding, grinding, swinging and what not. However, your goal justifies the means you use and the goal is using carefully timed and planned movements in order to reach your destination. Hence, most parkour games will require timing and careful observation of the terrain. The faster you run, the less time you need and the more skillful you are the more points you get, reaching the first place on the scoreboards and keeping it yours. Do you find this adrenaline-pumped action your desired activity? If yes, play parkour games immediately! You can find the best ones here!

Parkour games may vary in graphics and gameplay. Some of them may be realistic, leaving no place for mistakes while others may allow you to explore the impossible, using low gravity at your side or jumping extraordinarily high, defying some of the basic laws of the world we live in. Yet, all free running games have something in common. They are all great sources of fun and entertainment, allowing you to spend hours and hours learning more about this extreme sport. For all you know, you might discover that you can train parkour yourself after a dozen freerunning games or so. Thus, do not stop practicing, play parkour games now!

You get the basic drill and this short tutorial ends here. Parkour games will expose you to the imitations of the world we often see around us and you will have to use this world in order to manipulate it and climb, cling onto, jump over, crawl under and perform many other actions of this type, only to reach your goal, be it escaping from enemies, winning a competition or something else. Have fun playing parkour games especially the best possible ones which can be found right here!

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