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  • Free Running 2

    Free Running 2

    Free Running 2 is a remarkable sequel to the popular parkour game - Free Running. Use your skills to surmount obstacles in urban city jungle and to collect items on your way!
    Instructions: Use arrow keys for direction, and X to jump and hold.

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Free Running 2 Game Description

Dont you get amazed when you see a parkour master showing off his skills in the urban jungle? Do you envy at their death defying moves as if they jump around buildings with great ease? Wanna be like them for a day (at least by playing a game on the PC)? Then it is time to play the this latest game entitled the Free Running 2 game. In this article, we are going to explore this awesome game and try to make a review about everything that has to do with it.

The Description Of The Game

The Free Running 2 game is the newest version of hit parkour game that belongs to the free running game franchise. Currently, this game can only be played in selected flash gaming sites such as, but it is expected to be released all over the net in a few months. The objective of the game follows the original version where yous as the free runner will have to work your way to the finish line by jump up and under buildings, ramps, walls, and other obstacles that might come your way. Use you mastery of parkour skills to collect bonus points that you will encounter along the way. Get into the finish line as fast as you can to earn more points and to avoid the possibility of losing the game.

The Review Of The Free Running 2 Game

Let us look into some important areas of this game and make a review on each one of them:

1. Gaming controls - The Free Running 2 game uses the mouse and some designated keys on the keyboard: - Up (run forward) - Down (turn around and run back) - Right (turn right) - Left (turn left) - X key (jump/climb)

The controls being used are patterned from the first version of the game as well as all the including characters. This is a race against time. In other words, you have to reach the finish area before the time expires. Pick up all the yellow suns along the way and earn points. Aside from that you can also get the video cam logo to get a snapshot of your jump and earn 500 points at the same time. You can also get the time logo to add 10 seconds to you total time. Each fall will render a 5 second deduction from the total time so make sure to give the right boost to your jump in order to reach the other side of the obstacle.

2. Gaming concept - The game is very inviting to play since it features the sport of free running or parkour which is rarely seen in flash games. It is also very easy to play since the game is shown first person perspective. Normally a type of game like this is suitable for older kids, but due to the east style of play then younger kids can also enjoy playing this game.

3. Graphics and design - All the graphics are shown in 3D which is very good to compliment with the parkour theme. This is a definite game to be played over and over and still find yourself wanting more.


The overall rating for the Free Running 2 game is a perfect 10. So get into the free running fever today and try your skills with this latest game.

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