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  • Assault Course 2

    Assault Course 2

    Assault Course 2 game is all about the glorious quest of passing the most hardening physical challenges by making the character go through a series of obstacles.
    Instructions: Use arrow keys to move, X button to jumb/climb obstacles.

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Assault Course 2 Game Description

Assault Course 2 - A Must See

Action games are a fantastic way to spend a nice time and this is especially true when it comes to Assault Course 2. In order to analyze a game quality, it is of the utmost importance to position it inside a genre and then comparing certain elements against each other. Assault Course 2 is an award winning game which fulfills all elements of successful action games such as emphasizing of physical challenges, the user controls the game protagonist, a series of levels of increased challenges must be completed, the user has limited time available to complete their mission.

The game begins with the character running over some obstacles and showing great stamina and mysterious symbols in the form of arm tattoos. Assault Course 2 has gained many awards and some of them are shown on the same main screen. The options presented to the user are as follows: (1) Play game button, (1) Sound on/off button, (3) Control settings,(4) High Scores button, (5) Links to other related content.

The game is all about the glorious quest of passing the most hardening physical challenges by making the character go through a series of obstacles. The soundtrack creates a dramatic atmosphere and the graphics show all the good parts of the Unity Web Player engine. This engine has made possible to play console-like games inside a browser by rendering textures and depicting 3D graphics in all their glory.

The game has many glorious movie-like scenes with slow motion cameras; the gameplay is fluid because obstacles are presented in a logical but challenging way. Few games provide the originality of this military type top of the line virtual training. The look and feel is perfect to show how a hardcore training field can be. Sound effects are masterfully synchronized to the soundtrack to enhance the drama naturally found inside Assault Course 2.

As the clock ticks, the main character is faced with the many challenges presented in front of him and although at first the controls might seem simple, they require a great amount of focus and concentration in order to be used masterfully. The sense of achievement when passing a challenge or level is considerable since many emotions come into play through the gameplay. When all is said and done and for some reason the user fails to accomplish the mission and time runs out a small text field appears just in front of the final score. Inside this text field, the user can write their name in order to appear inside the leaderboard. This game is definitely a must see and should be definitely enjoyed by those who like adrenaline and tough virtual training.

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