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  • Boondog


    Boondog is a fun little platform game. It looks very similar to the original Prince of Persia of 1989.
    Instructions: Left and right arrow keys - move, Up arrow key - jump upwards, X - jump forward, push the barrel

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Boondog Game Description

Boondog Game - Love Parkour

Boondog is a fun little platform game. It looks very similar to the original Prince of Persia of 1989. After the initial loading and clicking the play button, the game starts with the main menu and offers several choices to the player. At this point you can choose to play the Boondog immediately or to click on the more games button to be redirected to another website packed with a whole myriad of other flash games. You can also stay here and play parkour games online. The main menu also enables you to host the game on your website via the host this game button.

The short game credits are also presented here in the "lobby". Once you click the play button, you will be required to choose a starting level. If you are playing Boondog for the first time, you will only be able to click on the first level, because you have not unlocked the rest yet. On the other hand, if you have completed a few levels before, you will be offered to start at either one of those. The first impression of the game and its interface is very positive.

Once you enter the actual game, you will see that it looks like it has been copied from the classic platform game manual. In other words, the game looks like a perfect computer game. It has everything that you would want from this kind of genre: a guy, multiple levels, some platforms, obstacles and a lot of jumping. Once you are in the game, the very bottom of the screen informs you that you are currently on level X and records the elapsed time that you have spent to complete the level.

If you look at the upper left corner of the main game window, you will see some basic information about the controls. The ESC key is used to return to the main menu and the R key is used to restart the current level. If you want to speed up or slow down the game, you can do that via the time speed switch located at the top of the screen. There is also a mute/unmute button in the upper right corner of the screen which can be used to turn the music on or off.

The music in the game is Pacman-like, so it will make some of you to feel almost nostalgic. Boondog is controlled via the arrow keys and not a lot of other buttons. The X button is used for jumping over the gaps and to push objects (barrels) around. Once you start playing the game, a small instructions screen will pop up every now and then to warn and advise when you encounter a dangerous or a new situation in your run.

After you successfully complete a level, you will be shown the number of seconds you needed to complete the level. If you consider your result good, you can publish it via the submit button on the public score list to see how you did compared to the other players. Boondog also offers to tweet or share your score on Facebook. All in all, Boondog is a fun little parkour game that brings up memories and guarantees hours of fun.

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