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  • Extreme Parkour

    Extreme Parkour

    Extreme Parkour is yet another 20 piece Parkour puzzle game. Try to arrange puzzle as fast as you possibly can!
    Instructions: Use mouse drag & drop puzzle pieces.

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Extreme Parkour Game Description

Extreme Parkour: The Ultimate Puzzle Game

Online games are the favourite games for many people because they are easy to play and very interesting, they bring out the best gaming experience out of the game. Playing online you can submit your score online and compare your score with players all over the world which makes the online games more interesting and brings that zeal out of you to go that extra step and achieve the highest score and challenge your friends and set a milestone for the other players to achieve.

Introducing Extreme Parkour

The Extreme Parkour brings the ultimate parkour games gaming experience that you look for in a puzzle game, yes the Extreme Parkour is a puzzle game which makes you think with your brain and find the answer to the puzzle.


The controls in this game are quiet easy and you can control everything at happens in the game using the mouse only and by clicking and holding the left button of mouse on the piece you can drag it to any place to want to place it on the screen.

Game Play

Extreme Parkour is the best puzzle game which will make your brain do all the work and bring the best out of you, the puzzle games are very interesting because they seem easy when you finish them but without proper logic they seem to be the most difficult games. The puzzle game sharpness your way of thinking and possibilities to think of to reach the ultimate goal, the Extreme Parkour is the combination of all which makes this game more enjoyable. In the first screen there is option called play to start the game and once you click on the start button the fun begins, The theme of this game is there is a scene which is cut into twenty small cubes and are jumbled and all you have to do is rearrange the cubes in a proper way and complete the scene. The photos that is cut into pieces in nothing but the background that is present while playing the game, this is important because while playing if you get lost or stuck in between you always look at the background and find your way back into the game. The best way is to start with a piece which as straight edges on two sides which means it is one of the corner piece out of the four and find your way into the game and complete the task, The other trick for playing this game is gathering all the pieces which have only one side straight and placing them at the side where the straight side faces this will simplify the task to achieve the goal. When you place the two adjacent pieces together they get attached together and become a single piece and to this piece you can keep on attaching the pieces until you achieve the ultimate goal. So why wait get started and start playing the Extreme Parkour game and show your skills and enjoy solving puzzle and bring the best out of your brain.

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