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  • FPA World 2

    FPA World 2

    Help Fancy Pants Man to run after the rabbit and retrieve the ice cream again. Collect points, and find doors heading to the next level.
    Instructions: Use arrow keys to move around and S button to jump.

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FPA World 2 Game Description

FPA: World 2 Online Flash Game Review

Introduction to Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

As the Internet grows, a classic game can turn into a greatly interesting stuff. Development of Internet is as fast as a blazing speed; almost all aspects of any game are continuously improved. Sound, visual, background screen, and overall gameplay of almost any game are dramatically improved. Online game players, who enthusiastically keep-up with such development, should notice these many great improvements. Nonetheless, as probably guessed, online games remain free of charge. With a computer and an Internet connection, anyone can simply play each game anytime anywhere. A nice example of well-improved free running game is FPA: World 2 (Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2).

The Game

The Fancy Pants Adventures series is actually available in three different versions. The first version was released in March 24, 2006. Almost two years later, in January 9, 2008, the second installment was finally released; this second installment, FPA: World 2, is still available until now. The basic gameplay remains the same; it is a combination of classic platform game and Sonic-like action. Any player familiar with Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog will immediately recognize and understand FPA: World 2. This game is designed in a very simple visual appearance; the main character of the game called Fancy Pants Man can be regarded as a simple yet flexible stick figure; this man can jump, slide, kick, and do many interesting stunts.

Story of the Game

At the beginning level, the character will play golf using a highly distinguishable ball. When the ball finally enters the hole, another character appears on the screen and reward Fancy Pants Man with an ice cream. Suddenly, a big rabbit steals the ice cream; Fancy Pants Man will need to run after the rabbit and retrieve the ice cream again. It seems simple, but a player will need to go though many levels, collect points, and find doors heading to the next level. Villain characters are spread across the gameplay such as black spiders.


In total, there are 12 levels consisting of 6 regular levels, 5 additional levels, and the boss level. After beating 11 levels, player will finally arrive at "The Rabbits Rabitty Hideout". On this last level, the player has to win the battle the villain to claim the ice cream.


Player can move Fancy Pants Man using the arrow keys and "S" button. Pressing the down arrow button will slide the character; pressing "S" will make the character jump. The game is basically easy to play throughout the level; nonetheless, there are tricky movements at some points of the game. Fortunately, hints and additional information are spread, so the player should not find any major difficulty in playing.


The menu options appear after the opening credits; there is also an option to skip the credits. Menu options are provided interactively; it seems that the player is in the game already. Additional instructions are displayed at the top left-hand corner of the screen.


All in all, FPA: World 2 is a highly interesting game with simple audio visual aspect. As a matter of fact, simplicity seems to be its strong point. It has many challenging levels, yet the overall game is basically easy to play.

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