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  • Free Running

    Free Running

    Free Running is a superb 3D Parkour game where your goal is to run, jump and climb ledges to collect coins and bonus slow motion. Now this is one addicting free-running game you'll just love.
    Instructions: Use keyboard arrows to move. X to jump and hold X to climb.

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Free Running Game Description

Free Running Review

Free Running is a very interactive, fun and free flash game. Players who are into free running games where the character has to run around on the top of buildings, jump off ledges and grab onto walls, will fall in love with Free Running. Players are supposed to run and climb their way through levels, attempting to get the highest score they can. Items throughout the boards will allow players to add points to their overall score total.

Level Bonus Items

All the levels in Free Running provide the same bonuses scattered throughout the level. Literally, they are everywhere! These bonuses are very important because they will help raise a players score. There are three main items that you want to be familiar with.

Green Clock: Green clocks are spread around the levels and are often hidden. These are very important to acquire because each one will add ten seconds to the running clock..

Movie Reel: Movie reels are big and red, they are great to pick up because they will add 500 points to a players score. Beyond the additional points acquired, these movie reels will take a snapshot of the player and provide a very nice animation.

Sun: The suns throughout the levels are indicated with a big M in the middle. These suns will add 200 points to the players overall score.


Free Running provides a very stimulating environment and some amazing music. The music is top notch for a flash game and sounds like something you might hear when a boxer is walking to the ring. This amazing sound really gives players a feel that they are in the course and will hype them up throughout the levels.


The only thing better than the sound in Free Running is the graphics and animations. Although this is a flash based game, it feels as if it could have been an early console game. The buildings are very detailed with windows and watermarks on the edges. The roof tops have great detail, including air condition units on the floor. The typical flash games do not have great character detail. This is where Free Running shines, not only is the character a 3D model, they move like one too. When climbing a wall or leap frogging an object, there is a lot of detail. For instance, after a long jump the character will roll and their body moves fluidly.

Free Running provides a lot of fun, packed into five intense levels. The levels all get progressively harder, with the fifth being very challenging. Unlike the first four levels, the fifth will make players jump in all directions which makes it immensely fun. That combined with a true free roaming environment, the character can move in all directions, players will spend a good amount of time traversing the various levels. Since each level is timed, players will have to ensure that they finish in a timely manner, while trying to collect all of the bonuses. However, the time left on the clock will also add an immense amount of points to the overall score.

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