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  • Mirrors Edge

    Mirrors Edge

    The story line of this game revolves around a girl named Faith as she embarks on the journey at the high rise areas of the city.
    Instructions: Arrow keys and S button. Read full game instructions bellow the game.

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Mirrors Edge Game Description

The sport of freestyle running or otherwise known as Parkour is slowly becoming popular to younger group of people. And today more and more teenagers are going crazy about this sport and showing their stuffs everywhere. Would you like to try this sport without having to worry about the possibility of getting injured? Then it is about time you should try this game called the Mirrors edge and get to know the feeling of being a professional freestyle runner. In this article, we are going to talk about this game and make a review about it. This is for the benefit of avid gamers who want to venture into the extreme and experience a different kind of thrill.

Description Of The Game

The Mirrors Edge game is only one of the few freestyle running games that can be played on the Web for free. This type of game belongs to the freerunning category and no doubt there dozen more of these games that are going to be released. The story line of this game revolves around a girl named Faith as she embarks on the journey at the high rise areas of the city. You as the player will have to guide Faith through all obstacles she will meet along the way by following all the instructions being shown in the narration of the story. And aside from that, she will have to pick up all the symbols she will meet along the way while going through all the walls pipes on top of buildings at the same time. Master all the freerunning moves and win the all the levels of this game.

Review Of The Mirrors Edge Game

Now let us try to look on some important areas of this game and make a review on each one of them:

1. Game controls - The game can be played with the use of the keyboard and the mouse as main controllers: Up (climb); Down (duck); Left (run to the left); Right (run to the right); S key (jump) - hold this key to make the jump higher; and mouse (menu game interaction). Though the game uses standard keys for controlling the main character, you still have to master a number of combinations in order to perform a freerunning move such as:

- Slide (hold left or right key while pressing down key altogether)

- Roll over (hold down key for at least one second and then character will immediately perform the action)

- Climb through walls (hold left or right key then press S key to jump, then press up to start climbing)

- Running on walls (hold left or right key then press up key when you get close to the wall to perform the wall-running trick)

It will take a while for a gamer to memorize the combinations needed to perform, but they will certainly master all the skills once they have played the game over and over.

2. Difficulty of the game - The level of difficulty with respect to this game is above average. Skills in timing your moves and making the right judgment in determining the distance to jump are necessary to win the game. The tutorials being provided are very helpful to novice gamers who want to learn more about how the game is being played. The mirrors edge game is highly recommended for teens and young adults as they are the ones who are mostly aware of this kind of extreme sport.

3. Graphics and design - The graphics being used is not as flashy and it is not appropriate for the concept of the game. The developers should have considered making it more "extreme" so that it will go well with the theme of the game.

Overall Rating

The overall rating for the mirrors edge game is 8 out of 10. Its a must that you should try this game and master the skills and tricks of being a professional freerunner.

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