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  • Parkour Game

    Parkour Game

    The game is set in a city, mostly on its side walks and rooftops of the buildings on the road side. You control a funny man with a French beard and long flowing hair.
    Instructions: Left and right arrows for moving, Space to jump, S to spray graffiti.

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Parkour Game Game Description

Flash games, also called online games have become a craze among gamers for the past few years. These games do not require you to install them in your computers, so you do need to allocate some disk space for them; you can directly play them on the Internet through your web browser (they are not processes running on your PC). These games are an innovation of Cloud Computing; all the processing activity during game-play takes place on the servers of the gaming website (technically, on the Cloud). This is particularly useful if your system is already crammed with many games making you low on disk space. Many of the online games are very addictive; some of them are Kingdom Rush, Angry Birds, Sonny, etc.

Most of these games are available to play for free, but you will be seeing some advertisements on the screen (very rarely, even blocking your game) which you have to be be patient enough to close every time. Flash games are generally simple which take a few seconds to load with an average Internet connection. However, there are a few sophisticated games which are bandwidth hungry. Here, we will review about a popular flash game called Parkour which is available to play here.

Game Play

The game is set in a city, mostly on its side walks and rooftops of the buildings on the road side. You control a funny man with a French beard and long flowing hair. Right from the beginning of the game, he will be on the run from two police man for illegally painting graffiti on the walls in public places. Initially, the man runs a little slowly making him vulnerable to be caught by the police. But, within 30 seconds, he can pick speed and go faster, evading them. While on the run, he can collect some paint cans for spraying more graffiti.

Difficulty Level

It is extremely simple and takes just takes a few minutes to understand how to play this game. There are only three controls that you are ever going to use: the space button for jumping, the right and left arrow keys for moving forward and S for spraying graffiti.

Background Music

The background music of Parkour does not disappoint you for a free game, but honestly, it could have been better. There is no music except the sounds of the man you try to control.

Entertainment Level

As the game is pretty simple, you can spend some time playing it for fun. But, do not expect any high-end graphics to thrill you. It is just a decent 2D game with good levels of hilarity. If you are one of the kind who paints graffiti for sheer thrill, then this is the right game for you.

Overall, you can finish all the levels of Parkour in less than two hours even with poor gaming skills. This game is perfectly suitable to have some fun on a holiday or to kill some time on your laptop while on a boring journey. So, try it today and happy gaming!

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